Services Three

I will consider bespoke book projects for all genres of music. I have particular expertise for Rock, Indie, Blues, Psych, old R&B,  Soul, Jazz, Alt-Country and Americana. I created the Encyclopedia of Popular Music in 1992. There are still over 60 books in print - wot I wrote, edited and designed, with 650,000+  certified sales. 

Over many years I have built the largest Database of Music Data and related subjects. 1.2 million followers use my custom built Playlists on Spotify. My album reviews are honest and from the heart with no hidden agenda. My biographies are pithy, warm and nowhere near as dull as reading a Wiki biography.  The Encyclopedia of Popular Music is still the largest print published work ever.

Services Two

I can create for you, Custom Music Data, custom lists and deliver to you upwards of 100,000 words every month - and you own it. With my cumulative team experience of over 200 years (six people) I know there is nobody else out there with greater knowledge or bigger passion for every genre of popular music.

I write, create and deliver Music Data, Playlists, Song Lists, Biographies, Album Reviews and many Books.

You can licence, you can buy, you can even get me to create, so that you own it.

You can cut and pick and mix, I can tailor what I have, with what you want from my sweet counter. I have 000's of non-music lists as well - with a special affection for Movies and Books.

I have one of the largest archives of Music Books & Magazines in private hands that goes back to 1962.

My reputation has been gained simply by loving music and knowing how to sort the wheat from the chaff, with a mission to reach new ears with lesser known artists. Those that deserve wider recognition who missed the  bus.



Services One

Licence all my music data on a minimum of 1 year contract. All 30,000 Biogs, 000's of Album Reviews and over 5,000 Playlists. New albums, song and Playlists added every day, plus Obits and Stories from the Music industry. No fake news either.

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